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Check out what Mad Science has to offer for 2019!

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Adventures in Science! (Ages 6-9 Years) (Full Day/Half Day Options)

Learn about your surrounding environment and how science will help us protect our planet. Discover how to send secret
messages to your friends using special codes. Explore how Newton’s laws are at work in your favorite sport. You will even
become a young astronaut for a day while exploring the mysteries of the solar system. From the depths of the earth to the
heights of the solar system this will be one adventurous week of science!


BRIXOLOGY (Ages 8-12 Years) (Half Day ONLY)

Learn about different types of engineering and team up to construct a different engineering-themed project using LEGO®
bricks. Learn about aerospace engineering while assembling a space station. Explore mechanical engineering as you
build boats and vehicles. That’s not all, from carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges,
build upon your creativity to solve real-world design challenges. Let the tinkering begin!


Crazy Chemworks (Ages 6 – 11 Years)            

Shake up a flask of fun in the lab as a junior chemist! These five half days of chemistry are packed solid with cool reactions. Campers learn to swirl, pour, and mix like a scientist! Chill down and heat up at the atomic level with solids, liquids, and gases. Learn how to handle laboratory tools, build and break molecules, and pick up some trick in making changes to the state of matter. Hop on board the chemistry express this summer for a high-speed science experience! The following topics will not necessarily follow the order listed below:

Chemistry Club - Start your chemistry career with some laboratory basics. Campers learn to swirl, pour and mix like a scientist! Check out the colors of chemistry with the power of pH paper and create a stopper-popping reaction!

Reaction Time - Make some fast-acting changes with your fellow junior chemists! Campers teach themselves to tell the difference between physical and chemical reactions and then put their knowledge to the test! You’ll be pushing the limits of chemistry today!

Chemical Combo - See the lighter side of science in this half day of chemical fun! Campers see how white light brings rainbow colors to our eyes and make some others glow. Mix up some solutions and mix some slime!

Crazy Concoctions - Explore the science in your home! Campers find out what makes glue stick and try out a tape test. Learn how chemistry makes what you bake and see the stuff that keeps bread together.

Super Cool Science - Chill down and heat up at the atomic level with solids, liquids, and gases. Campers see how cold dry ice is and melt a metal in hot water! Make colorful chemical reactions and find out how they happen.


Eureka! The Inventor's Camp (Ages 6-11)

This is a camp designed to inspire the inventor and scientist within! Each day campers will be given challenges, which must be overcome by using basic materials, tips from world famous inventors, newly acquired science knowledge, and, most importantly, your mind! Thomas Edison said, “Invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration,” and we say this camp is sure to be 100% fun! The following topics will not necessarily follow the order listed below.

Rock Paper Scissors - Investigate the awesome inventions created before modern science had really begun. Learn about Leonardo da Vinci and discover how his ideas predicted future inventions. Explore catapults, trebuchets, and more of his amazing inventions during this action packed camp day.

Shipwrecked - Imagine finding yourself on a deserted island with only a few supplies. What better way to inspire your own creations? Add into the day a tsunami and a volcano and see how resourceful you can be using Ben Franklin’s inventions as inspiration.

Think Fast - Inventors have always searched for a way to take flight. On today’s journey we will use early inventors like the Wright brothers to launch into the wild blue yonder. The adventure starts on the ground and travels into space. Take flight during this fun-flying camp day.

Whiz Kidz - Team up with your fellow camp inventors to explore the inventions of others like Rube Goldberg and Thomas Edison. Draw inspiration from the “wacky” and the practical! The goal of this camp day is to understand that we have no limitations. Our dreams will inspire invention.

Science Fiction – It’s an adventure to infinity and beyond, where science fiction meets science fact. As far back as Jules Verne and as recently as George Lucas, dreamers have explored what the future can hold. Many of those dreams are now reality. From Sci-fi greats to real inventors, join us as we explore how fiction can influence reality.


Fun-gineering, Mix-ups & More! (Ages 6 – 9 Years)                                                                    

Discover how things move with science. Join a team of camper engineers and build bridges, domes, cubes and pyramids. Assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults, and simple machines. Make your own sidewalk chalk and  bird house. Take apart pellets to see what an owl cannot digest! View the world through a crazy kaleidoscope. The following topics will not necessarily follow the order listed below:

Jr. Engineers - Structures are all around you, everywhere you look and everywhere you go! Join a team of scientists to inspect and test the elements of structures you build. Climb inside a geodesic dome that you construct with fellow campers. Build a Soma cube puzzle that may even stump your parents!

Machine Mania - Investigate the world of simple machines as you learn that machines are helpful for work or play! Assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults and mega-pinchers! Operating your simple machines will make work seem like play.

Crazy Chemistry - Chemistry is part of your everyday life, but what is chemistry? Explore this great topic and use chemistry to make your own sidewalk chalk.

Birds & The Beasts - Study biology, as you become an ornithologist and discover the unique characteristics of birds. Investigate feathers to see how birds fly. Dissect owl pellets to find out what they eat. Make your own seed mixture to attract your favorite species of birds to your own birdhouse.

Shutterbugs! - Explore the use of light to utilize more than one form of photography. Make a cool kaleidoscope with mirrors.


Introduction to Robotics (Ages 8-12 Years)                                                                                                           

Join us for a week of fun with a variety of robotics and automatons. Learn about the uses of robotics in our world. Spend time playing, building, and experimenting with different robot designs, as you learn what makes a robot work. Use your skills to build your very own working robot (automaton) to take home with you at the end of camp. Join us this summer in our Mad Science world of robotics. Due to the level of difficulty in our building project, all campers must be at least 8 years of age. The following topics will not necessarily follow the order listed below:

Robot Concepts - Roll your way into robot science. Experiment with different robot designs, as you learn what makes a robot work. Invent your own robot designs using recycled materials.

Robot Basics - Discover the world of robots as we investigate the differences between humans and their robotic counterparts. What makes a robot work will be explored during hands-on activities and discussions.

Robot Building - Each day some time will be spent building a real working robot (automaton) that we will finish and take home on Friday.

Red Hot Robots - Hands-on activities will include fun time with our robots. We will play games and experiment with super cool robots such as a soccer robot, line tracker, hyper peppy, and a robotic arm.

Robotic Science - Campers will learn how robots use infrared and other sensors to discover the environment in which they are placed. Working in groups we will explore how robots work and how they can make our lives easier.


NASA Space Academy (Ages 6 – 11 Years)

From the Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, join us and discover the mysteries of space, planets, stars, and more! Learn about the four forces of flight, living in space, and the challenges of space travel. Last but not least, learn about the secrets of rocket science and even participate in a live rocket launch. Join our space academy this summer for some out of this world fun! The following topics will not necessarily follow the order listed below:

Earth and Beyond - Explore the farthest reaches of our solar system and create a lunar eclipse in this “mad” planetary tour! Understand how gravity is used to assist our NASA expedition utilizing your own gravity-assisted launcher. Next, go on a mission to explore the atmosphere on Earth and beyond! Mix up various planetary atmospheres, one molecule at a time, discover how stars would look in space, and make your very own meteorological station.

Astronaut-in-Training - Discover technology designed for outer space! Steer a laser beam through a laser maze, find hidden mountains using the principles of radar technology, and discover everyday objects that were originally designed for use in space! Bring the excitement home with a stereoscopic viewer that will allow you to see objects in 3D. Live the life of an astronaut as you suit up for space flight! Find out how much you would weigh if you lived on Neptune and how old you would be if you lived on Saturn. Participate in a space mission and make your very own space walk.

Solar Launch - This stellar program is your ticket to the stars! Watch star dust burn and journey through a soapy galaxy as you investigate the life cycle of stars! Use your cosmic disk to create your very own constellation. Then, it’s your chance to become a rocket scientist! Investigate the four forces of flight and explore the science involved in rocket construction as you build your own Skyblazer II Rocket that you can take home!

Eye on the Sky - Probe the mysteries of meteors and bounce around satellite light in this phenomenal program on space phenomena! Learn how to tell the difference between stars, planets, and satellites in the night sky. See comets up close as one is formed before your eyes and take home your very own James Webb space telescope.

Space Voyage - Learn all about flight and rocket launches. Race your own rocket balloon using air pressure. Build your own shuttle copter and watch how is uses tension and air to fly around.



Secret Agent Lab (Ages 6 – 9 Years)                                                                                                                      

Become a Mad Science secret spy and take a fascinating journey in to the world of detection, forensics, and classified information. Learn coded language to send secret messages as part of your mission. Go undercover and decode messages from other agents using your top-secret clearance. Investigate a mock crime scene and sift through clues to crack the case. Join the Mad Science Bureau of Investigation and sniff out forgeries and counterfeits. Take home a cool detective kit, spyglasses, and more to continue your path as an expert investigator after camp! The following topics will not necessarily follow the order listed below:

Discover Detection - Use your skills of listening, testing, and observation during this day of detection. We will investigate fingerprints, handwriting, and shoe prints to reveal the identity of our suspects.

Spy University - We will utilize spy gear such as metal detectors, spy ears, and motion sensors to hone our skills. Spies need to understand and use secret codes to pass along important information. Our Mad Science spies will investigate the dancing men code, Braille, and many other ways to share classified information. Use your new skills to write a message and digestively dispose of it before it can get into the wrong hands.

Sleuths on the Scene - As a spy you will need to learn how to process clues at a scene. Discover proper procedures as we use all of our senses to study and dissect debris for evidence. Our scientist spies will learn the art of the inflatable fingerprint as they discover perplexing partial and leftover latent prints.

Funky Forensics - Using forensics to evaluate evidence is a huge part of the spy business. Today we will analyze evidence with chemistry, collection skills, and spy tools. The correct conclusions are critical to solving the crime scene puzzle. We will identify acids and bases as well as synthetic blood samples in our forensic lab. Today all of your analytical skills will be tested.

Science of Security - Unlock your spy skill as we tackle the toughest security breaches. We will “pick open” locks, sneak past a whispermeter, and create our own security system. Teams will attempt to crack through each others security systems and track a treasure.


Wings & Things! (Ages 6 – 11 Years)

Let your imagination take flight as we join Sir Isaac Newton and prepare for aerospace adventures with his laws of motion. Design, build, and test fantastic flying creations including kites, planes, rockets, hovercrafts, and more. Learn all about the Wright brothers and their numerous contributions to aviation. Discover the star secrets of the universe with you own planisphere. Experiment with the laws of physics, gravity and motion during this amazing week of hands-on fun. The following topics will not necessarily follow the order listed below:

The Milky Way - Take a trip into the galaxy! Discover the universe as you build your own planisphere to take home with you. Make your own sundial as you discover what the universe has to do with telling time. Learn how to navigate using the stars with you very own take home sextant.

The “Wright” Stuff - Learn all about the amazing Wright brothers as you build your own rubber band powered plane and experiment with other flying devices. Learn about the 4 forces of flight and Bernoulli’s Principle. Discover that everything that flies does not always have wings.

Newton’s Loco-Motion - Fasten your seat belt for a day of motion! Learn how magicians can pull the tablecloth out from under dishes! Use an inertia stick to better understand just how stubborn inertia can be. Have some fun designing your own shirt to take home with you.

Rockin’ Rockets - Our aspiring rocket scientists master the model rocket safety code and are cleared for
launch! Campers use stomp rockets, water rockets, and engine-powered rockets to explore the physics of flight. All campers will get to leave camp with their very own rocket!

Up, Up, and Away - Design, build and fly your own kite using ancient flying machines as your guide. Discover why kites have tails. Have a radical resistance race with your fellow campers. Learn how we use heat to make things fly through the air.



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