Our Show and Assembly Themes


Up, Up and Away!

This exciting show deals with the incredible pressure we all live under – Air Pressure! Selected students will try their best to pull apart a Magdeburg sphere, try to tame flying toilet paper and blow out a Birthday candle that has a surprise of its own. Volunteers will launch indoor hot air balloons, and ride the “Mad Science Hovercraft”. Cap it all off with a “Dinosaur Sneeze” special effect!


Fire and Ice

This interactive show includes fascinating science demonstrations with air pressure, fire, bubbling potions, and more. We’ll explore observations and hypotheses, and conduct experiments with “Eggbert”, an animated egg that can’t fit into his house. See how a magician makes fire appear and disappear, and then be mesmerized by ice that doesn't melt! Watch as a foggy movie effect fills the stage!


Sounds Like Science

Make some waves that make some noise in this fun and earthshaking show! Children will get tuned into science with exciting demonstrations and experiments that focus on the science of sound. Your Mad Scientist will create a crazy cacophony with a garbage can, a swinging sound tube, and a homemade speaker! Cheer as we do the wave and make potatoes pop!


Marvels of Motion

“Newton’s Laws of Motion” are examined through exciting experiments. Eyes will be rolling as an anti-gravity platform spins around with a cup of water, and a gravity-defying Bungee Jumper. “Flaming Didgeridoos” make an eerie sound, and then a bottle of “Mood Indicator” comes to life. Finally topping it all off, a lucky volunteer will be chosen to ride in “Newton’s Rocket Car.


Be Tobacco Free!

Great for Red Ribbon Week! This informative but entertaining event provides stimulating facts about what goes into cigarette tobacco and the effects it can have on our bodies. Interactive experiments are performed as we learn about such things as toxic chemicals found in cigarettes, second-hand smoke, chewing tobacco, lung tissue, and arteries.


What Do You Know About H2O?

This event dives into water conservation and the 3 states of matter. Volunteers will help the Mad Science instructor demonstrate surface tension, and how water is actually sticky! There won't be a dry eye in the house when the kids meet Chucky the Rubber Ducky who doesn't want to take a bath! Get your H2O IQ flowing with Water Jeopardy! We'll make a splash with the dramatic bubble and fog finale!


Gas Works

This outdoor event explores the mysterious world of gasses. Start off with a wacky flying balloon, a bottle of club soda, and a surprising “carbon dioxide geyser”! Things get exciting when balloons are filled with different gasses and held over a flame! Film canisters are launched into the air using Alka-Seltzer tablets and water. Ends with “water bottle rockets”, and "fire-powered rockets"!


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