Our Party Themes


Air Blast

Our Special Mad Science Paper will mesmerize as it reveals how experiments can lead to brand new discoveries. Discover why Eggbert can no longer fit in his own house and help the Mad Scientist solve this dilemma to get him back home. Audience members will love participating in a hands-on recycling project using exciting chemical reactions!


Reactions in Action (Not Available)

Children see sand that is afraid of water and money that appears to disappear into thin air. They also get to play with energy!


Fizzy Physics

Children have a blast launching mini and jumbo water rockets, concocting crackling Mad Science potions, and doing many more activities that allow them to have fun experiencing science outdoors.


Mad About Blue

This event dazzles and amazes children as they watch water “disappear” in a glass, see white light split into all the colors of the rainbow, and have some of their very own indoor fireworks to celebrate their birthday.



Celebrate the spooky season with our Halloween-themed science party! Children use science to reverse a witch's spell on Count Eggbert. They also experience creepy potions, a dry ice cemetery effect, and floating eyeballs that will amaze everyone!


Energize It!

Get set for some sparks in this animated romp into energy! Party goers capture a string of lightning beads, levitate with static electricity, and hop to a heat beat! This energetic party ends with a blast!


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